Frogs and Sprouts

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The surface of the frog pond was rippling, little expanding circles, and at first I thought it was raining.

When I looked a little closer, I realized it was dozens of Upland Chorus Frogs. They’re sitting still, some of them engaged in amplexus, but their throat sacs are pulsing and every time they expand, another little ripple goes out.

The noise is deafening. We have opened up the house because it’s seventy degrees out, and in every room, you hear frog song coming through the windows.

The seeds I start indoors have SPROUTED! (Well, some of them.) The tomatillos have grown little sprouts and come up and are sproutlike and OH MY GOD YOU GUYS I DID IT! (I have not been this excited since the time I germinated corn on a wet paper towel in grade school.)

Sadly, the other seeds are not doing so well. My peat pots have molded rather badly, and the seeds with them. (I don’t know why the tomatillos are fine.) I went on-line and found a lot of contempt for peat for just that reason, so I’m going to chuck those and start over with something less prone to molding. Lost a week on the fish peppers, but meh, learning experience.