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The cedars aren’t gonna come out of this one well. One was already bent over from the last time we got a heavy snow, some years ago, and now two more have joined it. Instant weeping cedar! Just add snow!

Lots of ice. Lots of snow. Everything’s okay so far, beyond the cosmetic damage on the cedars…and two young pines…but it’s one of those where there is a potential to go really bad and you can’t do anything to prevent it from happening, so you go about your day and keep looking out the window to see if any of the trees are looking…scary.

There are a kajillion birds on the feeder. They vanish the instant it turns to freezing rain (or this morning’s delightful freezing mist!) and return when it goes back to snow. Birds are remarkably intelligent about things that matter to birds.

Lotta sparrows, lotta cardinals, lotta juncos. Yesterday was wall-to-wall doves, more than I’ve ever seen in the garden at one time–I counted fourteen–but they’re gone today. Very few chickadees. I suspect ice storms are hardest on the teeny tiny birds. Thrush-Bob is demanding frequent mealworm delivery and expects his water thawed on demand.

We were on the road for about twenty minutes yesterday, just as things started, getting gas for the generator. It was bad. I nearly ditched the car, even with ten years of Minnesota winter under my belt, because there is no amount of skill that can compensate for the guy in front of you stopping way too fast. I breathed on the brakes, slid, steered some direction that didn’t kill us, so it must have been correct. There was a conveniently placed driveway, and we stopped before sliding into the drainage ditch. (Kevin commended my reflexes, which is nice. Apparently “Guided Graceful Slide” is still on the active skill list.)

So we’re all still alive. Glad I work at home. (Despite that, I have the urge to scream “SNOW DAY!” and spend the day in pajamas, but y’know.)