The Last Oddity of 2013

By December 31, 2013 Stuff In My Yard No Comments

I couldn’t leave you all without one last weird thing from the garden!

Behold, the wood blewit, Clitocybe nuda!


This freaky lavender mushroom grows extra mouths.


It was growing in hardwood mulch in my garden. It’s a fall mushroom and quite late in the season, but I suppose that doesn’t surprise anyone anymore.


Can you tell I got a macro lens for my new phone? I bet you can tell. A big thanks to C.S. on Twitter for IDing this freaky little fellow for me!

Anyway, farewell to 2013, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and a fabulous 2014 to you all! May there be many mutant mushrooms in your future!

(I mean, if you’re into that…)