Swans in the Mist

By January 16, 2013 Birds 4 Comments

I went to take the trash out with Kevin, and as we walked back down the long gravel drive, I happened to look up. It’s been very foggy these last few days, so it was one of those oddly bright dusks where the fog is brighter than the sky.

A V-formation of swans went overhead in total silence.

They were very low over the house, almost skimming the tree-line, their outlines just faintly blurred with fog. I could see the darkness of their bills. It was a perfect monochrome image—white birds on white fog with black bills and black scribbles of trees reaching up toward them. There were nine or ten of them, maybe more—it didn’t even occur to me to count them.

It was eerie how silent they were. Geese honk when they go by. These didn’t.

I, being the cool operator that I am, yelled “Shit! Dude! Uh! Thing!” and pointed wildly.

Kevin looked up and said “….whoa.

I scrambled inside and checked the internet. It turns out that North Carolina has the largest wintering population of tundra swans on the East Coast—75 thousand birds. These birds were a good bit farther west and south than usual—I’ve never seen one out here before (or in fact ever, they were lifers for me!)—but given the weird weather and the fact that we’re due a winter storm coming in very soon, I expect they were moving in response to incoming weather, probably heading to Jordan Lake. (All tundra swan reports in this county are on that particular lake, making it a safe bet.)

It was an extraordinary sight, and not one that I expected when I was pulling my coat on to help Kevin drag the trash down to the curb. So I guess you just never know, huh?


  • jenj says:

    Those are so beautiful! Now I want to find some on Jordan lake….

  • Jessa says:

    Wow, that must have been an amazing sight! I’ve only seen swans in water or walking around on land, never in flight. If I didn’t live in Oregon, I’d probably be scrambling to get to this lake, camera in hand. *grin*

  • Loret says:

    You MUST chain a camera to your neck!

    What a great encounter. My only encounters with swans was at our summer place on Long Island when I was a kid. They chased me with my mother screaming “drop the bread, drop the bread”. and me yelling WHAT? and screaming as I ran, bread in hand with the big birdies hunting me down. I’m still tramatized hehehe