Bumper Crop

By July 18, 2012 My Garden 6 Comments

Don’t let anybody tell you that heirloom tomatoes just don’t produce very well.

Mostly Pink Brandywine, couple of Cherokee Purples in there too.

This is just the last couple days worth, off three plants. We’ve gone through a couple of bowls full doing tomato sandwiches, bruschetta, chopping them over spaghetti, Kevin’s putting them in his salads…now they’re starting to pile up a bit as we run out of the usual methods. Kevin swears he’ll make salsa or sauce or something tomorrow.

There’s still probably a bowl worth ripe on the plants, I just haven’t gone out to bring them in yet. (When I get really ambitious, I have one potted tomato that has run its course and needs to be sent to the compost heap and replaced with petunias or something. Given the heat recently, I am not all that ambitious.)

It’s been a heckuva year for tomatoes—one of the Brandywines, trained over an arch, is really quite a glorious thing, and I’m probably going to do that every year now—and even the notoriously finicky Cherokee Purple is producing a bumper crop.

Incidentally, they are all upside-down in the bowl because America’s Test Kitchen determined in multiple trials that a tomato stored upside down—or with tape over the stem hole!—lasts two or three days longer than stored upright. Turns out that the air and the bacteria and whatnot that lead it to rot get in primarily through the hole left by the stem, so by placing them stem-side down, you get a couple of extra days on your tomato. How awesome is that?


  • Pam says:

    How does one train a tomato to grow over an arch?


  • Wolf Lahti says:

    I think we have some tiny marble-hard green fruits on our tomato plants – and you’re harvesting already?

  • Jamie says:

    Oh my goodness I envy you your Brandywines. My two Brandywine plants and the the Cherokee Purple are comin’ along nicely–the Gold Medal is kind of taking over, actually–but we’re still several weeks out from ripe tomatoes. All those green bulbs, sitting tantalizingly on the vine, makes me impatient for August.

    Just waitin’ it out, up here in the frozen northlands of Vermont…

  • Amy Brennan says:

    Ever considered making chutney with them? Great with cheese.

  • Tom West says:

    Our standard thing to with excess tomatoes: place in freezer bag (and then squish) and freeze them for future use in sauces etc.

    That said, we need a bigger freezer.

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