Another Day, Another Tick Bite…

Finished up the last of the spring gardening this weekend. Everything’s in the ground that’s going in the ground, and now it’s just weeding and occasional watering until fall comes along and I get the urge to build another giant bed somewhere. (Okay, not entirely true—when the broccoli comes out, I’ll probably plant more basil in the holes, but that hardly counts.)

The water tigers have hatched out in the pond, and they are somethin’. Little black pointy things, offspring of the diving beetle. There are two crops of tadpoles going, the Big and the Teeny—the Big were actually Teeny not that long ago, but have quintupled in size and may start growing legs soon. (Although I’m puzzled, because there were two different kinds of frog eggs, and I honestly don’t know if there are actually two different kinds of tadpoles in there now. They all look the same, anyway.) I watched a water tiger will knife through the water and grab a Teeny tadpole. It’s getting very Darwinian in there, and I’m glad that the Big tadpoles got going before the water tigers. (Although even they get the hell outta the tiger’s way.)

Oh well, nature red in tooth and…err…mandible, I guess. Given that there’s at least a hundred tadpoles in the pond, I am confident that the frog population will be increasing regardless of the water tigers. (I regret that I cannot photograph any of this, but camera work on things underwater in a vaguely reflective pond is really kinda beyond me. Everything autofocuses on the reflection of the sky.)

Other than that, I have done little or nothing of interest this week. Dragonbreath art, Dragonbreath writing, eat, sleep, read a bit, fish confused cicadas out of my cleavage… (True Story. Not Fun For Anyone.) Which is a pleasant life to live, cicadas aside, but not a particularly interesting one to read about.

There is a new Eat Cheap podcast up–“It’s a severed limb that tastes like health food!” or available on iTunes.

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