Gardening Tradition

By February 9, 2011 My Garden One Comment

If you looked back over the years of gardening entries, you’d see me go from containers to my garden to losing my garden to reading Noah’s Garden to moving in with Kevin and going into Major Garden Frenzy. Lotta changes in there, lotta mulch under the bridge, lotta lessons learned.

But I can pretty much guarantee you’d see one thing stayed the same through the whole history of my personal gardening—the bit in spring (and sometimes later) where I massively overexert myself, and then wonder why I feel like I’ve been beaten with hammers.

Today, we begin that tradition anew.

The vegetable bed needs to be expanded. Expanding the bed means it needs dirt. The pond needs to be dug. The pond has dirt in it. Clearly this is a fine synergy! Remove dirt from pond, put dirt on bed! What could be simpler?

Anybody who thinks Digger is supposed to be me has not seen what happens when I spend some quality time with a pick.

I got three very small wheelbarrow loads of dirt (I have a wee little wheelbarrow probably designed for children, but which is just about the right size for someone of my noodle-like musculature) excavated from the pond site and moved from pond to bed, I put the finishing load of topsoil on the narrow bed designed to hold the peas and beans, I used the rest of my edging pavers to lay out the rough shape of the new veggie bed, and I killed a little honeysuckle. (Any day I spend gardening will usually have “kill a little honeysuckle” in it somewhere.)

By the time I limped back inside at noon, my biceps were aching so badly that drawing tomorrow’s Digger was physically painful. The backs of my thighs went “wub” and “swoot” and “thawunk” when I tried to stand up. The next time I see my doctor and he lectures me about the need to exercise, I’m gonna kick him in the shins.

But there is an upside! The air is cold and crisp and wicks the heat off you, which is fine, but better yet–it is not yet tick season! There are no nasty little hitchhikers after the day’s labor! Which is frankly enough to make me vow to get all the yard work done before mid-March right there…

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