Crap, it’s winter.

By October 21, 2010 Birds 2 Comments

Okay, it’s really NOT, it’s in the sixties and sunny, but I just spotted the first junco when I went out back at lunch, and juncos = winter in my head.

The goldfinches have been gone for awhile, the hummingbirds have left, but there are still monarchs coming through and I wasn’t expecting the juncos so SOON.

Now I have to stop thinking dark thoughts about the stores putting out Christmas stuff. And I was really kinda enjoying that, damnit.


  • dreamforest says:

    Funny, up here in DC, the goldfinches never leave. Especially with a sock full of thistle. But then, the bluebirds also winter by the river, too.

  • Alison Kerr says:

    LOL, I think it’s fine to have dark thoughts about stores with Christmas stuff all the way until December! Yes, I’ve seen a few juncos in Eastern Kansas too. Actually I was really delighted that they are back – they make winter brighter for me than Christmas trees and presents.

    I don’t think goldfinches leave here either, though they probably move around more. I didn’t have any come to my niger seeds all winter last year, but I put them out really late (it was already winter when I hung them). This time I put them out earlier and I’ve had a couple come by. I’m hoping they’ll be back. For now the chickadees are entertaining and the downy woodpecker is a regular visitor to my suet block.