And another one!

By September 21, 2010 Animals, My Garden 2 Comments

Who is that mystery frog? iPhone photo

I have no idea what species this little guy is. He was also about the size of a quarter, but doesn’t match any of the photos in my Frogs & Toads of North Carolina website of choice closely enough to make an ID for sure.  (very small bronze frog? Maybe?) He was exactly the color of the dirt, and I would never have spotted him if he hadn’t moved.

Eventually I just mulched around him, leaving a square inch unmulched so as not to trouble him. He pressed himself into the dirt and glared at me.

Any herpetologists in the audience who can name him, I’d be delighted to know what he is!


  • Doronah says:

    This it completely random and has nothing to do with your frog, but I saw this book this afternoon and it made me think of you (…yes I realise that comment sounds kind of creepy coming from someone you’ve never met, but I”m sure you’re used to it by now…).

    The book was called…”Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed”. Seriously. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that you wrote it under a pseudonym.


  • dreamforest says:

    I’d vote for a cricket frog. They’re pretty variable in coloring and warting. As for Northern or Southern, you’re on the edge of both ranges.

    I don’t think he was–I get lots of cricket frogs out here, but they all much, much smaller–a cricket frog would have plenty of room on a dime to spread out and get comfy, and this guy would have to tuck his feet in to fit on a quarter. – Ursula