Too bloody hot…

By July 22, 2010 Day-to-Day 4 Comments

There is stuff that needs to be done! My garden needs me! (Well, I delude myself that it does. Honestly, it doesn’t need that much from me to maintain itself, but I keep wanting to make it better.) There are beds to be laid out and edging to install and the rest of the foundation planting and…

It’s also in the mid-nineties with killing humidity and the weather forecasters are issuing pronouncements that involve words like “heat exhaustion” and “death” and “checking on your elderly relatives.”

So I get a smidge done in the morning before eleven. Earlier in the season, I could get a solid hour of puttering around in the garden done every morning. Now, what with the death and all, I can maybe do twenty minutes.  Which sucks, both because I love my garden and because that was my major exercise–the artist’s life is a sedentary one–and my doctor has been yelling at me about that lately.

I could be ready for fall soon. And by soon I mean “Hey, is it fall yet?”


  • Maggie says:

    I am SO THERE with you on the too hot to do anything outside vibe!

  • Uzuri says:

    I learned earlier this week that you take those warnings seriously.

    As in, you do not go out in the heat when you’re already having a hypoglycemic incident and take up 60 sq. ft. of sod for the apron on a chicken run. Just don’t do it. You *will* end up flat on the ground wishing you were dead.

  • Alison Kerr says:

    I’m absolutely with you on this one.

    Yesterday I was out working (only because I had my cool vest on) and I was like a snail and in 2 hours (with an inside break in the middle) I achieved what would have taken me about 30 minutes on a cool spring day.

    It was 103F in the shade when I checked – this around 10:30 am – and I was getting sun some of the time. I didn’t overheat, but still, it was miserable.

    The annual weeds are trying to take over my garden and turn into some kind of monster plants from the planet Zorgon. I’m wondering how many months it will be before I can really achieve any of the work I need, and want, to accomplish.

  • ursulav says:

    Oh no! Uzuri! Are you okay?