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There is a small brown frog sitting on the edge of the watering hole I put in the ground a few months ago. He is actually straddling the edge of the sunken flowerpot with one little froggy leg down and his toes in the water. It is unbearably cute.

I am watching this with binoculars from my second-story studio, because every time I get within twenty feet of the watering hole, there is a quiet “plop!” and I never see what’s in there. For weeks I was noticing movement and the occasional plop, but nothing. Today, however, I have managed to spot two small brown frogs, one rather larger than the other, living in it.  Since I’m using binoculars from this range, I can’t get much detail–yup, it’s a small brown frog, alright. It may be a “bronze frog,” that being the most likely culprit in size, range, and coloration, but I can’t get nearly close enough for a conclusive ID.

If it wasn’t so delightful, it’s almost be painful–making a frog habitat was SO EASY. It required virtually nothing on my part except twenty minutes labor. I dug a hole big enough for a plastic azalea pot about a foot across, dropped the pot in, tossed some dirt in, and filled with water. Now and again I splash with the hose to refill and stun the mosquito larvae, although if I have froggies, I don’t even need to be worried about those.  I don’t even clean the thing out–there’s leaf droppings and whatnot in there from the trees overhead, forming a slurry at the bottom that the frogs hide in when I walk by.

Eventually I put a stick in it, so that any dragonfly larvae in there could climb out.

Seriously. It is a plastic flowerpot full of water, in a hole, with a stick in it. That’s it. And frogs have moved in. They’re not even using the stick! The stick was purely optional!

The mind boggles.