Eee! The system works!

By June 11, 2010 Birds, Day-to-Day No Comments

A flock of goldfinches have descended upon the yard, and in addition to the finch sock and thistle feeder, they are actually perching on the Cabbage-Leaf Coneflower and the Purple-headed Sneezeweed and yanked the seeds out of the seed heads. One was also investigating the flower heads on the blue vervain–I’m not sure if there’s anything there for a finch to eat, or if it was nipping at the little buggies, but it was certainly interested, beyond the mere perching that they do on any tall plant (the giant Joe-Pye Weed is a regular finch bench.)

Now I’m extra sad that my giant sunflowers were mowed down by bunnies or drought or deer or SOMETHING–but there’s always next year, and the system is working! (And hopefully the swamp sunflowers will actually establish well enough to flower this fall.) Go, little finches! Eat that seed!