Macro photos!

By August 8, 2015 Insects, My Garden No Comments

So I have taken approximately eleventy million macro photos and have been mostly posting them on Livejournal, so here is a quick roundup so that you can see them too!


Gray Hairstreak on False Ox-Eye Daisy (and man, those things have been really popular with the bugs!)


Pure Green Sweat Bee


Little Glassywing Skipper (probably a male, I am told)


This spectacular Red Spotted Purple actually landed on my pants! (You should have seen me trying to photograph it. I was graceful. Like moose.)


A Halictus sweat bee!


This handsome devil is a Zabulon Skipper! (Zabulon is a town not that far away, actually.)

I am enjoying the macro lens enormously and have added half a dozen new species to the yard list just from submitting stuff to It is the best.