Serious Anole Is Very Serious

By September 20, 2013 Animals One Comment

You are not serious enough to please Serious Anole.


Do you think that life is all butterflies and delicious slugs? No!  SERIOUS ANOLE WILL HAVE NO MORE OF THIS FRIVOLITY.

(That handsome plant, by the by, is Camphor Pluchea, a weirdass native wildflower that I grew on a whim, which reseeds readily, if not frighteningly, and about which pretty much nobody knows nuthin’, beyond the dutiful listings in databases. It is an annual and plops itself into various damp spots around the garden, but doesn’t seem to do much beyond that. Bees don’t even know what to make of it, but teeny little weird pollinator flies think it is AWESOME.)

One Comment

  • Great blog and photos! Made me think about my comfrey which I need to move somewhere because it is choking out a small rose I love. I don’t want to kill the comfrey (original plan) The answer for me is :container! Its a cool but super aggressive plant