Best. Thing. Ever.

By August 6, 2013 Birds 6 Comments

There is a baby hummingbird in the garden.

I can tell it’s a baby because it has the remains of a fluffy gray cap and I don’t think hummingbirds have taken to wearing wigs. It’s a Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, that being the only species that breeds out here. (Incidentally, this brings our fledgling count of the year up to a dozen, which is leaps and bounds past anything we’ve ever achieved in the garden—just an incredible year. I am still not sure if this is because the garden is getting older and has a better carrying capacity or if the rains led to a mosquito explosion that fed zillions of fledglings, but just—amazing year.)

As I watched, the fledgling hummingbird fed off the scarlet runner-bean flowers adorning the deck, and shoved its beak deep into one particular carmine flower.

Which came off.

On its beak.

Suddenly the hummingbird is zipping around in a panic with GIANT HEAD-SIZED RED FLOWER STUCK TO MY FACE AAAAAAHHHH GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GET IT OFF while I laughed like a hyena on nitrous. Fortunately the flower fell off within a second or two, much to the bird’s relief (and mine, since once I stopped laughing, I’d have had to figure out how to help the bird, and that would be a mess.)

There is pretty much nothing that can top that ever today, so I’m gonna go get coffee.


  • Jenny says:

    Can’t stop laughing!

  • LeRoy Matthews says:


    That poor terrified little bird!
    & I’ll bet YOU weren’t feeling very chipper, either, poor thing!

    Well- I’ve got some really AWESOME news for you!

    I’M BACK!

    From [email protected]
    (You can SEARCH for CRAZY INBOX 6498.)
    You can call me VAJRASATTVA (Of the BLUE (Mental)system).
    I’m AKA The Second Coming of Christ, The Messiah, The Wiccan Lord, etc.

    Allow My Peace , My Wisdom, etc. , to permeate your being.
    AND, last, but certainly not least, as the White Rabbit said : “HELLO!” “GOODBYE!”
    (I’ll be around.)
    PS: you have Hummingbirds-We have PEACOCKS!

  • LeRoy Matthews says:

    if I reply to my own own reply I can Tag my, ummmm,
    1st reply?
    I Love to Blog but I’m a litle new here.

  • LeRoy Matthews says:

    Well- Hello-
    Sorry about that!
    Like I said-

    We have a small BUT VERY IMPORTANT Request to make of you-
    Many if not all of your Fans, Readers, etc. , aren’t
    (hint) rabbits-
    BUT we’ve tasted some nice Squash Dishes-
    Would you PLEASE plant a Squash in your Garden?

  • pansygrrl says:

    Read, laugh, repeat!