Ittiest Bittiest Lizard Ever

By July 19, 2012 Animals 3 Comments

I was sitting on the front steps drinking iced tea and reading “Fire Study” (and a big thanks to the people who recommended the trilogy! Have devoured it completley.) and I happened to glance over at my tea and saw the teeniest little blue-tailed lizard darting away to one of the flowerpots.

He was maybe two inches long, much of it tail, and given the numerous varieties of skink in our area, all of whom have juveniles with blue tails, I cannot possibly tell you what specific species he was. He was teeny. A skinklet.

He was also fixated on my water glass.

I probably spent half an hour there reading and sneaking looks over at the skinklet. He would get closed to the iced tea, sniff around it, notice me and scurry away. His toes were finer than needles.

Finally I snuck a glance over and discovered him carefully licking condensation off the sides of the glass.

I was reading on my iPad and had take the photo with it, and I couldn’t move most of my body without spooking him, but here’s what I managed to get.

I wish I'd been able to get a photo of the tongue.

That glass is a half-size tumbler. The skinklet was WEE.

Stuff like this is why I keep reading on the front steps of the house, even if I do get bit by mosquitoes a lot.


  • How wonderful! Glad you shared. I haven’t seen one of those guys in a long time – and never around here – so it’s fun to enjoy your experience with him/her vicariously.

  • Donna B. says:

    Aaaaahh.. I would just die if I saw that a skinklet was getting a drink along with me… I like sitting on our front steps too. And mosquitos… oh how they love me too.

  • Loret says:

    How neat! I’m surprised that the lil skink hung around anywhere in the vicinity of human [or perhaps you aren’t human? 🙂 ]

    We’ve had a population explosion of skinks and I see them scurrying around with my view from the windows, but once I open the door they all disappear. Perhaps I need to serve ice tea!

    Great article, Ursula!