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Avert your eyes, mammal!

Avert your eyes, mammal!

I was picking leaves out of the pond this afternoon, and moved a leaf aside to reveal this shocking scene of amphibian debauchery.

Frankly, given that they’ve been calling non-stop for about a week—there was a chorus going on while it was snowing—I’m amazed I only found the one couple. These are upland chorus frogs. Later in the year, we’ll probably get bronze frogs moving into the pond, and there are cricket frogs flinging themselves wildly out from under my mud boots, but at the moment, the season belongs to the chorus frogs.


  • Suzanne Hillman says:

    I want frogs in our pond! I need to go hunt some eggs shortly, as I’m not entirely sure that they’d find my pond on their own. Also, only a small part of a rather small pond is safe from our goldfish, so if they don’t lay in there, the eggs will be eaten. Complicated!

    Frog glee!

  • Jason says:

    I would love to have frogs. We have lots of birds, and the occasional damselfly, not to mention some less welcome critters, like skunks. We have a very small water fountain – I’m thinking of trying to put in something bigger to attract some amphibians.

  • LOL..too early for the frogs in our pond, but my pet frog has been singing his heart out…having lost his mate 2 years ago. I think she got tired on the constant amplexus and dragging him around….Michelle