Get Off Their Lawn!

By January 24, 2012 Inept Activism 6 Comments

I’m on hold to the National Wildlife Federation. I’m cancelling my membership and getting off their mailing lists (or trying) because they have announced that they are partnering with Scotts Miracle-Gro…the primary pushers of unnecessary lawn fertilizer, which turns into runoff, which kills ponds and streams and the wildlife in them (and those are only the most obvious effects.) This is greenwashing of the most blatant kind, and the gardening-o-sphere is furious, but of course, there’s only so many gardeners in the world, and our collective outrage probably can’t compete with the kind of money Scotts has to throw at them.

…and I’m off hold, and the nice woman said she’s cancelled everything and made a note in the file as to why I’m upset. Then she apologized twice. Poor woman. She’s gonna get a lot of this today, I expect.

If you’d like to express your outrage, you can probably find the NWF on Facebook, and you can definitely find them on Twitter at @NWF. They were answering tweets until sometime last night, mostly trying to get people to take the conversation off Twitter, but have now stopped. Nevertheless, I suspect they’re reading. You can also call them at:

1-800-822-9919 ; M-F 8 a.m to 8 p.m. EST

and leave comments for them directly at

(As always, if you do choose to do these things, I suggest being firm and angry but not abusive. People stop reading if you start off with “You dumb shits…” Let ’em know you’re pissed, though.)

I’d take down my NWF certified habitat sign, but it fell over in the last hard rain anyway. Now I need a new sign that conveys “The reason we have all those butterflies is because I don’t mow this bit” without the NWF logo all over it.  Hmm. Maybe I should get a Squash’s Garden sign printed…


  • Jess says:

    (minor thing: neither this link to the NWF announcement, nor the one at LJ are working for me. ) Off to spread the word…

  • Jamie says:

    Done and done. Polite, outraged, and appropriately flabbergasted response submitted. Really, this business partnership is no less baffling than an NWF-ExxonMobil partnership.

    Thanks for the word, Ursula!

  • Jamie says:

    Err, for the above, I meant to say “NWF-ScottsMiracleGro is no more baffling than NWF-ExxonMobil would be.” There’s no relationship there that I know of, just using that as a comparison.

    “Save the planet’s animals! Also use lots of fertilizer to make your lawn green and kill off or mutate all the critters in or downstream of your lawn!” is about as sense-making as “Save the planet’s animals! Also buy gas from a company that STILL refuses to pay for two monstrously destructive oil spills for which they were direct influences!”

  • Rhianimator says:

    And while you’re at it, Ursula, printing a few more Squash’s Garden signs for the rest of us to buy might not be a bad idea. I know I’d buy one for my little organic patch.

  • Donna B. says:

    “This garden thrives on neglect”. That’d be the sign for my garden, mwahahaha.

    [currently the only sign I have in my garden says “UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS PROHIBITED – Property of the United States Army” I’m a military brat. ^^]

    And to think I was going to get myself certified this year! It isn’t happening!

  • Ellis says:

    Here’s another vote for the squash’s garden sign. Except can mine have a touque and mitts? I live in Canada. We don’t have NWF we have Ducks Unlimited and they squeeze money out of the tax payers, so far no big business that I’m aware of.