Unknown Weed

By September 20, 2011 My Garden, plants 5 Comments

O internet brain trust, you found me the caterpillar in record time! Can you do the same with a weed?

There's a lot of it, anyhow...

Never seen this one in the yard before, but it popped up everywhere after I mulched a large bed in the backyard, leading me to believe that the seeds may have come in on the mulch (although it’s a low and unobtrusive thing, so it may just have gotten lost in the crabgrass and I only noticed it because it was the first thing to show up in the mulch.) I haven’t caught it flowering. It’s not smothering anything, it pulls easily enough, but it is entirely too vigorous, and I suspect it on principle.

It is found only in the shaded areas of the yard and does not venture into sun. My attempts to locate it in lawn weed ID systems fail utterly. The leaves are really genuinely lance-shaped, with the little flare to keep it from going all the way through your enemy’s torso and everything, but I don’t know if that falls under the “lance-shaped” leaf category, so…y’know.

Advice on whether this is a delightful native that honors me with its presence, a scourge that I shall curse from the bottom of my heart, or whether I must now nuke my garden from orbit would be grateful appreciated!


  • Natalie says:

    That looks like sheep sorrel to me. I used to get it popping up all over my old yard. It likes to spread via shallow root runners and thus can cover an area fairly quick. It’s also edible and tastes like lemon (if what you have is indeed sheep sorrel).

  • tagryn says:

    Definite hastate leaf shape.

  • Loretta DeMarco says:

    Natalie is right. It is SheepSorrel and it is b: a scourge that you shall curse from the bottom of your heart. Any little bit of root left in the soil will grow a new plant. Start work on it now.

  • Jenn says:

    I think it’s funny that I keep crossing your path. Just came over from Susan Harris’ post on Garden Rant. Saw your name and went … hmmm.. how many UVs are there? And sure enough!

    I’m kinda jealous that you live close enough to do the lunch thing with Susan.

  • kate says:

    it is tasty tho…