The Return

By September 9, 2011 Birds One Comment

Vulture-Bob was back again today. This time he was standing in the driveway. Kevin took a camera out after him. He’s obviously not scared of us, but when Kevin got too close, he went gallumphing off down the driveway and finally grumpily got into the air.

I am vaguely flattered that he finds our yard congenial, but he really can’t stay. There’s no scenario that ends well for the vultures OR the beagle (or god forbid, the border collie tries to herd them…) It’s just not a big enough yard for a gigantic vomiting bird, however unmitigatedly fantastic I think they are.

One Comment

  • I’m inclined to be extremely jealous. I didn’t realize how incredibly cool carrion birds are until I moved to the East Coast, and now I squee like a three-year-old every time I see a turkey vulture by the roadside.