Rain, at last!

By September 26, 2010 My Garden No Comments

Taken with iPhone at the Baltimore Aquarium

So I was spreading mulch on the garden and there were all these frogs and then there was this OTHER frog, and I thought, gee, that’s awfully brightly colored–

Okay, no, I did not find poison dart frogs in my mulch. I took this shot at the Baltimore aquarium on my recent book tour (and I am impressed again at the iPhone!) and just wanted to show it off.

Although I suspect if you asked my readers who was most likely to encounter a poison dart frog in their mulch…

Anyway, after over a month of rainlessness, we are finally getting a good solid downpour.  I suspect that this is because I spent awhile this morning watering, thereby attracting the rain gods, who are notoriously susceptible to sympathetic magic. Not that I mind–we need the rain, there’s a lot I DIDN’T water (the prairie planting doesn’t get watered, and a lot of the backyard I hadn’t gotten around to–and I really just wanted to spend some time in my yard after being away.

I put a soaker hose in the big new bed (aka The Bed That Manga Built) to test it out–lots of gardeners rhapsodize over the soaker hose as the only way to water, and having ascribed to the “Let it rain, or splash it with the hose occasionally” method, I figured I’d test it out for science. We’ll see.

I need more hyssop for the big bed. One side I’m just going to do in solid hyssop (Agastache species) and I need to transplant some of the more crowded plants from the existing bed. All projects for next week…probably late next week, because we’re supposed to get three days of rain.  Which lord knows, we need.