Okay, now I KNOW it’s hot…

Generally in this kind of heat, the only thing out is the bugs. The lizards are all lurking on the undersides of the logs, the birds have vanished into the undergrowth (although some still occasionally visit the birdbaths–although they prefer the shady puddles in the driveway) the frogs are soaking beneath the opaque green water of their tiny pond…but the bugs keep going. The cicadas do their rising chattery drone, the dragonflies do their garden patrols, the butterflies cling, flapping, to flowerheads, and all the teeny little nameless insects that probably do most of the heavy ecological lifting buzz and hop and flit and generally keeping calm and carrying on.

But today I watched a dragonfly exhibiting an odd little behavior–it was splashing in my tiny sunken-pot frogpond. It would bounce in the air, up and down, dragging its tailtip through the water, splashing droplets around. It looked like a self-propelled yo-yo.

Some quick googling would indicate that dragonflies “dip” when they’re hot and trying to regulate their body temperature.  So…yes. It’s hot enough that even the bugs are hitting the pool to cool off.

Too. Dam. Hot.