So That’s Why They’re Endangered…

By July 10, 2010 Uncategorized 3 Comments

It appears that Tennessee coneflowers are irresistible to bunnies.  The cute little fluffball in the front yard has munched two of the four down to stems. I’ll make Kevin mark the other two tonight, but having no good spot in the backyard to transfer them to–they like poor soil, and my hugelkultur is VERY rich at the moment–I’m not sure what to do with ’em…


  • Michelle says:

    I have been trying to grow a few varieties of coneflower myself, and have run into the same problem. 🙁

  • Michelle says:

    Oh hey, you’re an artist! 🙂 Nice work, and to meet another gardener/artist! Alas, I let my website years ago, and I’m not currently making any art. At the moment I just have a pile of dragon paintings stuffed under the spare bed.


  • ursulav says:

    Hey, Michelle!

    I’ve noticed the bunny problem worst with the Tennesse and Pale coneflowers–the standard coneflower haven’t had any bunny problems yet. I think these have softer leaves than the standard, so maybe they’re more appealing.

    And yup, I’m an artist by trade! (And I keep my old paintings stuffed in the closet–the important thing is to have somewhere to stuff them…)