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Note to myself for future gardening:

  • The giant Joe-Pye weed needs staking of some sort next year. It doesn’t fall over, but it does the phototropic lean, and a nine-foot tall plant can lean a really long way.  Also stake the Culver’s root early, and keep an eye on the rose mallow.
  • Need to put one of those grow-cage-grid thingies on the sneezeweed and the blue vervain to keep them contained so they don’t do the floppy outward circle thing next year. Possibly need to do this on the sundrops, too.
  • Rip out stupid Shasta Daisies this fall, put in something, possibly a tall bunch grass, to fill that slot.
  • A small bunch grass wouldn’t be bad for the spot currently full of basil, for that matter. Failing that, Texas sage.
  • Skip the stevia next year, plant more dill.
  • Treat phlox from Lowes as an annual. Plunk in pot and put out for bees, don’t bother sticking in the ground.
  • Serious pruning of pineapple sage seems to keep it manageable.
  • You have enough hyssop. You do not need more, no matter how shiny it is.
  • Put in another mountain mint by the first one.
  • When enlarging the veggie bed, put in a soaker hose.

And since that was probably not interesting to anybody else, have a picture of Rattlesnake Master flowers:

Rattlesnake Master, a yucca-like native. Neat flowers. Neat name. Plant does not actually cure rattlesnake bites, though.

One Comment

  • Michelle says:

    When I read a post involving both the word “native” and the word “shiny”, I know you’re my type of gardener! 😀