Hot Out There…

Hot and muggy in the garden these last few days, which has limited my yard work. I managed to complete my hugulkulter bed on Saturday, thereby creating The World’s Ugliest Bed. (Seriously, it’s a bunch of branches with 300lbs of composted cow manure and an unspecified quantity of fill dirt from the frog pond heaped on top. There are branches sticking out of the edges and through the dirt. All my instincts tell me that there is no world in which this can possibly support life above the weed stage, but I plugged two raspberries and a serviceberry into it in the interests of science. I suspect they will either die immediately or grow twelve feet tall and eat the house.)

Spotted a widow skimmer dragonfly cruising the flowerbed. I cannot figure out where all these dragonflies are coming from–everything you read hammers home that they live near water, and the nearest pond/stream/whatever is, to my knowledge, several miles away. Even the usually soggy drainage area in our trees has turned to cracked mud in the heat. Yet the dragonflies keep appearing. Go figure.

Lowes is selling Tennessee coneflower, which is endangered in the wild, but propagated widely in the nursery trade. I had been holding off–if an endangered plant died in my yard, I would be wracked with guilt–but if they’re common enough to be sold en masse at Lowes…I bought four and plunked them into holes in the bed. We’ll see if any of them like it here.

Supposed to hit over a hundred degrees the next few days, so I’m not anticipating much yardwork beyond keeping the birdbaths filled and giving the occasional drink to some of the swamp plants and the new transplants.