Back to the Garden!

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Back from the con!

I am, as always, so proud of my plants. Five waterless days with the temperature cracking a hundred, and the garden looks pretty much like it always looks–a little unruly, a little wilted, but largely unbothered.  (I think I lost the goatsbeard, but it was in much too sunny a spot and had been failing badly for weeks.) I spent part of the morning watering, as much because I wanted to spend time out with the plants as because they really needed it. A couple of the most recent transplants do require some regular watering, but once established, I mostly only have to touch the hose if I’m in the mood, or if it’s killingly hot and dry. Three, four weeks without watering in the spring and nobody flinches, and while I’ll soak down the swamp-dwellers once or twice a week in high summer, it’s not really essential.

The mourning doves, on the other hand, are VERY glad that my hose and I are back. Once the birdbaths were re-filled, they plopped their fat bird butts into it and are now just sitting there, trying to stay cool. Even the local bunny is only grazing in the shade.

Saw a tiger swallowtail that must have just come out of the chrysalis–its wings were wet and crumpled, and it was staggering drunkenly along the driveway, trying to fan them out. The hummingbirds are out in force, making their rounds of the plants–they love the hyssop, which doesn’t surprise me, and the zinnias, which kind of does. (You just think trumpet shapes with hummingbirds, not zinnias!) There are small praying mantises lurking among the plants, along with vivid green katydids and those enormous grey-brown grasshoppers that look almost like mourning cloaks when they jump.

The black-eyed susans finally opened after a month-long strip tease, and what appears to be a volunteer sunflower from the birdseed has established under the feeder and is close to flowering. (Meanwhile, the ones I planted deliberately all died weeks ago…isn’t that always the way?)

Meanwhile, I get the rest of the day off for con recuperation, and then tomorrow, it’s back to the grindstone!