Scarily Productive

It is not yet noon and we have accomplished all kinds of stuff, including blueberry pancakes and nailing up a trellis for the Hairy Dutchman’s Pipe (which I would grow just for the name, I suspect, although the fact that it’s a fast-growing native vine that hosts the pipevine swallowtail doesn’t hurt.) The trellis did a lot to stabilize the railing on the back deck, which has gotten a trifle wobbly. If we were meticulous carpenters, we would disassemble the railing and re-nail it to be absolutely solid, but we’re actual humans, so y’know.

I also staked up the blue vervain, which had gotten distinctly fall-over-y. The vervain is a lot bigger than the stakes, though, so I kinda suspect that the first good rain that comes through will knock it down again, and I will come out to discover the vervain sulking sideways with uprooted bamboo stakes clinging valiantly to their stems.

This was too much productivity. I think I need to play video games for the next few hours to make sure I don’t sprain something.

The cup plant has finally flowered, though, as has the hyssop, and the black-eyed susans are juuuuust about to pop. So is the liatris and the pepperbush. There are even flowerbuds on the swamp milkweed and the various hibiscus (and the fact that I can grow forms of hibiscus directly in the garden still strikes me as demented.)  The zinnias are completely crazy. I am sold on zinnias. I will grow zinnias from seed forever. They are wonderfully absurd.

Photo by Christopher Jones, Wikimedia Commons

The caterpillars on the fennel vanished yesterday. I suspect some passing bird had a good nosh. (Ah, well…maybe next year I’ll put some in an aquarium and hatch ’em out by hand.) I suppose that still counts as “making a difference,” if slightly less romantically. There was a great crested flycatcher hanging out in the yard right before they vanished, so I have my suspicions, although the cardinals are also on the list.

There are woolly-bears out and about though, and damn, those things can MOVE! I saw one cruise by and thought it was some kind of mammal at first because it was bookin’ along at a speed one does not associate with caterpillars.

So a good day all around. And now to go play video games.

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  • Kallan says:

    Mom’s always told me that you can tell how cold the winter’s going to be by how furry those caterpillars are. I’m not sure how much truth there is to this, but it’s a fun little fact 🙂